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08 Aug

Darko Pavic’s son, Julian, and his school mates decided to do a charity project from scratch!

First up, their idea for this one was the reconstruction of a small school in a village located in north Sudan.

The school was quite old and already partly breaking down, generally in very bad condition.

With only a total of 3 Students, they contacted the school there and planned all of the details. Following that, they started the fund raising, found sponsors and bought construction materials and basic school equipment. The German International School Sharjah, UAE even donated chairs for the school, as they were in desperate need for new ones there.

They went to Sudan, and they started the reconstruction. Together with the local community, teachers and students they finished the work there very successfully and even after they left, the local community continued working on the school, painting all the walls, replacing the roof and much more.

And the work was hard.

But the results were amazing!


At the end the boys were awarded by the local authorities, but the biggest reward were unbelievable experience and the new friends they won.