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Step for the better started as a private initiative started by Darko Pavic and his family members, which has been called “Sports for good” at the very beginning. Darko Pavic is CEO of the company Fiscal Solutions which exists for more than 18 years now. During the past years, the Pavic family has done a lot of humanitarian projects related to children and their well-being, and that escalated much more, so the idea went up a notch and involved the entire company in humanitarian projects. Putting a smile on just one face is already a big success, but every year we are trying our best to make as many smiles on people's faces, as we can! “We are looking for projects in which we can provide our skills to help. The projects that we choose were always related to children and their well-being. Lately, we think that our planet got really polluted so we split our projects into two categories – Green ones and ones related to children.” Darko Pavic, CEO of the Fiscal Solutions. Today, Fiscal Solutions is taking one step further. A step for the better. Fiscal Solutions has been the major “Step for the better” sponsor since 2017. To find out more about the company, check here: Fiscal Solutions – Fiscal Solutions ( Everyone who wants to enjoy Fiscal Solutions in Step for the better or has some great ideas can visit the menu Contact us and fill up the form. The core of Step for the better is to help children who need our help and to raise awareness of the importance of a greener planet. How do we do it? Fiscal Solutions employees do some sports activities, lectures, visits, training, and challenges, and the company rewards them in charge with the money that goes to the charity we choose as a team. Sometimes we run marathons, play some sports to raise funds, or even ride a bike from one country to another one. Everything transparent. …And sometimes we take the tools in our hands, and we simply do the things.

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We have been serving for more than 10 years to help people and green organizations in our environment and beyond…

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Why Usually Sport?

Why usually sports? Sport creates magic, it makes the border between culture, mentality, skin color, and religion disappear. And this is a core for helping other people. Just sharing sport already helps a lot and can also inspire other to do the same. Additionally, one could use sport events, or sport in general, to draw more attention to your projects and plans. If you want to make a step for the better contact us. Together we are stronger and together we can achieve more!
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