FiscalSolutions Charity


Life writes beautiful stories - I was taught to believe that throughout my life. And indeed, life allowed me to work in the company Fiscal Solutions, which makes a great contribution and participates in humanitarian actions. Working in a position that promotes the importance of physical activity and health together with a colleague from the company with the support of our company, we designed and realized the now well-known humanitarian action "442 ride to change", where we drove to Zagreb to raise funds for children with disabilities and the preservation of the assistance dog breed. I realized my dream from my youth, and throughout my life, I will be grateful to the company for supporting me in that experience. I look forward to the new humanitarian actions our company regularly carries out and my participation in them!
Nataša Ivančević
Chief Health Officer at Fiscal Solution and Coach of 3x3 Woman Serbian Basketball Team
The company Decathlon, which aims to make sport accessible to everyone in a sustainable way, was invited by the company Fiscal Solutions and in cooperation with them managed to prepare gift packages for the best students from the "Dušan Radović" elementary school. The successful cooperation of these two companies has existed since the first days of Decathlon's arrival in Serbia, and we hope that in the future there will be more beautiful joint actions like this one.
Boris Živanović
Store Manager at Decathlon, Serbia
We are very grateful to the company Fiscal Solutions for repeatedly making our pupils smile and providing better conditions for future pupils.
Principal of Elementary school
“Dušan Radović”
The working group within the Assembly of the City of Novi Sad "Zelena Stolica" has established productive cooperation with the Fiscal Solutions company. As an intermediary, we managed to implement the company's idea for the purpose of greening the territory of the City of Novi Sad. The donation of Fiscal Solutions and our logistics, through joint action, revived the greener children's playground. We look forward to future cooperation and new projects. It is a pleasure to have this type of cooperation.
Ivana Gojković
Coordinator of the working group “Zelena Stolica”
The result of our cooperation is the supported idea of ​​the students of the School of Mechanical Engineering in Novi Sad, where about 650 students attend. Through an idea that they themselves proposed and voted on democratically, by voting, the students of this school managed to decorate their school yard and equip it with new benches and trash cans through the "Get involved, find a solution" project. In addition to supporting the realization of the idea, Fiscal Solutions helps us to educate young people about what participatory budgeting is as a mechanism of participatory democracy and how to increase their participation in everyday processes carried out in the community. Through the "Youth Personal Development Fund" with the support of Fiscal Solutions, one of the two scholarships was awarded. Arijana Fišić was supported in the category for young women and girls, while Sara Kecman won the contest for the category of young artists. Both were given the opportunity to acquire the competencies and skills needed for success in their chosen professions and/or on a personal level. The priority through the competition was given to young women who are already active in the community and have references for their work. With companies like Fiscal Solutions and the pooling of ideas and resources, we very easily overcome obstacles and become a community tailored to all citizens, especially young people, which does not wait to solve the consequences but invests in young people and encourages them.
Dobrila Marković
OPENS representative