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Prevent violence with martial arts in Hamburg, Germany

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05 Jun

By teaching martial arts (Muay Thai) to children in a special area of Hamburg violence, crime, and drug consumption should be reduced there.

The idea was to work with children between the age of 7 and 14 years. In modern societies, the fundaments of young characters are created already at that age and it becomes crucial to help them with their development.

If we consider that some of the schools in Hamburg have even more than 80% of children with immigration background this work is getting important as well as supporting the integration of those children into German society.

“This project was meant to be a long-term project as its results can be seen after a few years. And the best result is helping these young children to become respected members of society. That’s what we wanted to do.” that’s how Darko Pavic, board member of Fiscal Solutions described the target of this project. Darko ran the Muay Thai training.

The project was implemented by “Bildungshaus Lurup” (Day care center Moorwisch – Bildungshaus Lurup | Continuous education for all children from 8 weeks to 10 years. (, a social facility with kindergarten, primary school, and other special social projects for socially deprived families.

As the main sponsor for all needed equipment for the beginning of the project we were able to win “Kwon“. „Kwon“ is a very successful German manufacturer and distributor of high-quality martial arts equipment.

To start the project, we bought equipment for around 1.000 euros.

Working with children and creating new perspectives for them is the most important work to create a better future for all of us.