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Reconstruction of sports facilities in the elementary school in Novi Sad, Serbia

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  • Reconstruction of sports facilities in the elementary school in Novi Sad, Serbia
30 Apr

Almost all schools in Serbia are owned by the government. As the country is quite poor almost all schools are in very bad condition. On the other side, schools are providing facilities for the communities completely for free.

For example, all the young people around the school use the basketball playground. If these sports facilities did not exist, the young people will do something else. In many cases, they turn to criminality or the distraction of something. Sports facilities are directly related to lowering the criminal rate of the youth in such communities.

In order to provide sports facilities to the youth of the community and in order to teach the community not to wait for the government to help but to do it by themselves we decided to do something.

The project was related to the reconstruction of the football and basketball playgrounds and the reconstruction of the school´s gym.

The project was implemented during the summer of 2016, and it was 100% financed by Fiscal Solutions.

For the re-opening of the sport facilities, we organized a big street ball tournament.

12 different teams competed for great rewards. The winning team members received brand new iPhones. Besides the sports event, we organized food and drinks. In order to create an even better reaction to the community we also invited the whole neighborhood.

The total costs of the project were around 10.000 euros.

That wasn’t all!

Years after this donation, in 2021, Fiscal Solutions wanted to take some good action again.

We donated vouchers for the purchase of sports equipment and books for the best students, and even a set of textbooks for the next year for 5 socially disadvantaged children!

This action was supported by Decathlon, and this time Fiscal Solutions spent around 1.200 euros.