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24 Jun

As a company, we like to support our employees in their life choices. This is done by organizing certain groups, conversations and activities within the company that resonate with the employees’ lifestyle. One of those support groups was intended for the moms in Fiscal Solutions where they gathered to take a break, share experiences, and hang out talking about their children, challenges and other daily, mom stuff.


During one of those conversations, there came an idea of donating a set of baby swings for mothers with babies. This plan seemed extremely useful since there were only a few baby swings in playgrounds across Novi Sad. So, the idea was there and now the process of another donation started!


Within the quarterly allocated budget for donations, Fiscal Solutions donated 9 swings for babies at nine different locations in the area of Novi Sad. Some of the locations are the playground in Novi Naselje, Liman, Petrovaradin, Klisa and Nova Detelinara, and the action of setting the swings up was carried out on June 24, when the Fiscal Solutions, in cooperation with the city administration of Novi Sad, installed 9 baby swings.


This action was successfully carried out and covered by the media, and the marketing manager of Fiscal Solutions, Teodora Dunčić Magazin, gave a statement live from the location for the morning program of “RTV Vojvodina”. She talked about the company’s previous initiatives, the current campaign – how it was decided that baby swings would be donated, the cooperation with the city administration, and she also talked about the next steps the company will take in terms of donations.


What made us especially happy, and what showed us the importance of such donations was that every time a swing was installed, a child would immediately climb on to try it out!