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04 Nov

On November 4th, 2021, Fiscal Solutions signed a donation agreement with OPENS for programs “Participatory budgeting – Get involved, find a solution” and “Fund for personal development”.

By the program “Fund for personal development” we supported one young artist and photographer            , Sara Kecman who decided how she planned to use the money and to develop her business and art, and by the program named “Participatory budgeting – Get involved, find a solution” we supported Secondary engineering schools in Novi Sad and donated money which they used to tidy up the school yard.

The participatory budgeting program “Get involved, find a solution!” is intended for high school students who can gather their team, and come up with an idea that suits their needs and the needs of their micro-community. Other students have the task of democratically – VOTING – the decisive idea that will be implemented.

In this way, we empowered young people to practice active citizenship and directly influence the distribution of public funds.

In not-so-distant past, actually, this year, our colleague, Marketing Team Leader at Fiscal Solutions, Teodora became a member of the advisory board in OPENS organization.