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07 Jul

It had been Fiscal Solutions wish to donate in the realm of sustainability and greening for some time and finally, an opportunity showed itself a couple of months ago.


The idea to donate seedlings and benches came about when it was observed that many children playgrounds did not have enough greenery. What’s more, there were either damaged benches or a lack of them.


As part of the annual budget for humanitarian projects, Fiscal Solutions company participated in the financing of seedlings and benches for the children’s playground at the “Veseli vozić” kindergarten in Novi Sad, in the Detelinara neighborhood.

This humanitarian action was organized with the cooperation of the “Zelena stolica” working group and the public company “Gradsko zelenilo” of Novi Sad.

The cooperation was agreed upon after several months of negotiation and changes in location and form of donation.  The project was realized on March 23 at Detelinara, at the “Veseli vozić” kindergarten playground in Janka Čmelika Street. 14 seedlings and new benches were donated, which were installed by the public company “Gradsko zelenilo” during the morning.


The event was also covered by the media, and “RTV Vojvodina” and “NS uzivo” came to the location to take photos and take statements from the marketing manager of Fiscal Solutions, Milica Kujundžić, and representatives of the city administration and the “Green Chair” working group.


Milica Kujundžić introduced the public to Fiscal Solutions’ activities so far, spoke about the greening campaign, how it came about and how it was implemented, and talked about some future plans for humanitarian initiatives that the company will work on.


This has been one of the most important initiatives that the company has done because it is our mission to bring awareness to the public of how important it is to protect and invest in the environment. So, this will most certainly not be the last activity when it comes to making the town greener!